Breaking Cycles and Stereotypes


There are many stereotypes associated with the term "single mother". For SMIP breaking the cycles and stereotypes is extremely important as we believe making a change in this area will change society from what we know it as today. We are dedicated to assisting single mothers  to  ensure their future is better and continues they rebuild itself in the best way possible. May single mothers are experience difficulties in ways that limit the life of them and their children and cause them to live in poverty. Children raised in poverty suffer from many experiences such as: lack of food or clothing due to a low income, depression, and anger.


Breaking the Cycle

Many single mothers were raised by single mothers. Many young men are also raised in single parent homes. It can be difficult to teach your children to do things in a way better than what you have been taught through your whole life. At SMIP we assist single mothers to find better ways and seek opportunities to empower their families, and educate them in order to break the cycle of single parenthood.

Breaking Stereotypes

There are so many reason why a woman can become a single mother. No matter the reason a woman may become a single mother she is normally stereotyped by having that title. As with everything in life, being a single mother has both negative and positive aspects. Many times when people think of the term "single mother" the first thing that comes to mind is all the mothers whom are not trying to work towards creating a better life. Single Mothers In Progress is here to empower, motivate, and inspire single mothers who are truly dedicated and interested in creating a better future for their children; consequently, their grandchildren (the future society).


Join our Mission

We are aiming to change society into one with more stable families and homes. The support of community and companies is both needed and appreciated. There are many ways you can help us make a difference. For more information check out or "How Can You Help" section by clicking here. If you would like to make a donation in order to assist our organization to change lives please click here.