SMIP'S Summer Camp

A Camp geared toward empowering and educating our youth!

SMIP's Summer Camp program allows our registered children to participate in an 8-week camp, which includes various academic and sports activities and weekly trips to exciting venues. The kids will have the chance to make new friends, create memories, and have an unforgettable summer.

This summer program not only provides games and trips for the children but also includes education and training, allowing them to gain life skills and prepare for the upcoming school year. 

Our camp will be available to a maximum of 100 children for the year 2023. We will be open from 9 am to 6 pm Monday to Friday, This allows the parents the opportunity to continue attending work without the stress of childcare fees for the summer. Single Mothers in Progress is proud to present our summer camp for children aged 4 to 18.  Teenagers aged 15 to 18 will be team/camp leaders to teach responsibility, leadership, and teamwork. 


Inspiring the youth to love themselves and how to treat others is a major focus at our camp. 


Motivating the children to believe in themselves and follow their dreams is an automatic benefit of our programs and services at SMIP'S Camp.


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Registration begins June 1st, 2023

Donate today and allow a child to attend our camp.

The cost per child is $540.00 per week. Your donation will help cover these costs for the mother and her children. This camp is free for all attendees. 

The camp includes:

  • A weekly trip allows the campers to experience new attractions.
  • Arts and Crafts Projects
  • Breakfast, Lunch, and two snacks

Registration will begin June 1st, 2023.