According to the National Council of Welfare, 30% of the welfare caseload comes from single mothers. In 2003, 59% of Ontario Works recipients were women, and women constituted 94% of single parents on Ontario Works benefits.

Make a Better Way is a program that provides 30 mothers, who have been unemployed for 2 years or more, the opportunity to be employed and trained for the duration of 6 months, beginning in September 2015. During this time the mothers are employed with either Single Mothers in Progress or other supporting agencies. All positions will both entry-level and skill set. We will take into account the mothers’ education, qualifications, and goals in order to accurately place them in a position.

While employed, mothers are required to attend various life skills and employment training seminars such as:

How to be a good employee
Attending an interview
Building Self-esteem
Job searching
Resume building
Basic computer training
Once the mother has completed the program, she will then attend a graduation ceremony and be awarded a certificate of completion.

This opportunity allows the mother to gain experience which they can place on their resumes; consequently, giving the mothers more opportunities to gain employment. They will also build or develop their skills in the workplace to have a wider variety of future employment opportunities.

In Canada, only 68.9% of single mothers with children less than age 16 living at home were employed. Your support can assist in employing and training a mother; thus, changing the life of her child/children. Donations for this program will go towards transportation, the assistance of $500 towards clothing, and subsidized childcare for each mother.

Eligibility for mothers interested in this program: The mothers must be registered with the organization and must apply for the program. 30 mothers will be chosen from the applicants. They will be given three choices to choose which field they would like to work in.

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